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A store as unique as we are.

Things are a bit different up here on the ridge, and oRidginal is setting out to honor that uniqueness by creating a one of a kind store tailored to our communities needs.

Small Town Supply

We Carry A Bit of Everything


We offer a variety of camping and outdoor equipment to get you through a seasonal downpour or life's next big adventure. Either way, we've got you covered.

Music Equipment

We are a town of artists, and are lucky to have so many musicians amongst us. We have a space for lessons upstairs, and carry basic equipment like strings, tuners, and capos.


From pocket knives to candles, drill bits to duct tape we try to provide basic hardware and equipment at Ridge prices. We keep it affordable, and we keep it thrifty. All while saving you a trip to town.


A large section of our first floor is dedicated to clothing. We buy liquidation lots, recycle local donated clothing, and go pickin' ourselves to find the best deals and steals to keep you geared up and looking your best.

Vintage Music Store

We Welcome Donations

oRidgenal firmly believes in helping out those who need it the most. By donating items you don’t need or want anymore, we can stay true to our philosophy of giving back to society. We appreciate our customers and work hard to add value to our community.

If you have clothing, furniture, home accessories, art, rugs, or anything else you’d like to donate to us, please check out our Donation page and review the Information provided there. Donation hours are 7 days a week from 11a-5p. 

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